Madame Butterfly interviews

A journalist from a local television station is planning a series of on-screen interviews with the cast of Madame Butterfly, as it will be opening later this month in our famed Solis Theater. Although the cast is multilingual, the musical director and one of the singers are not fluent in Spanish, hence I was hired as their interpreter during the interviews.

My task was to interpret for Martin Lebel, the opera’s musical director and Asako Tamura, one of the sopranos portraying Cio Cio San, Butterfly herself. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet such acclaimed artists and have the chance to talk to them about their work and experiences.

The original plan was for me to ask them questions in English and do a consecutive interpretation of their replies into Spanish, but we had to make some changes along the way. Though I did interview both of them in English, instead of doing the consecutive interpretation right then and there, we decided it would be better if I watched the interviews later and transcribed their responses into Spanish. That way, the producer would have a digital copy of the conversation thus facilitating the subtitling process.

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