Online training

Summer poses a great opportunity to catch up on some online training activities. There are many options to choose from and I opted to start off with a webinar entitled “Techniques of note-taking: tips and tricks” offered through

As a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter it’s always positive to learn new and clever tips for taking notes, so this workshop was a great chance to hear about some of the symbols used by other interpreters.

I hope the rest of the attendees also enjoyed the webinar and I think we all learned something new.

¡Feliz 2014! Happy 2014!

¡Les deseo a todas y todos que este 2014 sea otro año repleto de éxito!

Entrevista durante EUHA 2013

Aquí tenemos una nota realizada al Presidente de Bernafon, Erich Spahr, durante el evento  EUHA 2013.  En la entrevista no solo menciona el nuevo producto Carista 5 | 3 y Acriva 7 | 9, sino que también alude a los cambios en el mercado de Alemania y termina con felicitaciones para Audio Info por su vigésimo aniversario.

BDC Locarno

It's always great to travel to Switzerland and help Bernafon with interpretation services, yet this year's excitement was double as the company unveiled an entirely new and long-awaited event: the Bernafon Distributor Conference.  

This new event focuses on management and leadership and this year's specific themes were networking and leadership. Group activities involved distributors from all over the world working together to accomplish several goals.

It was a great opportunity to interact with everyone once again.