Switzerland revisited

Once again, I was asked to participate in Bernafon's annual IDF in Switzerland, which I gladly accepted. I have been interpreting their yearly International Distributor Forum for the past six years and it's great to see everyone again.

The 2007 edition of the IDF was held in the beautiful city of Lucerne. It's breathtaking view of the Alps and the refreshing sound of its lake while walking on the Kapellbr├╝cke are certainly worth recommending.

This year, few new product lines were launched, yet many improvements and expansions were made to existing lines given that technology advances in giant leaps in this industry thus leading to the addition of broad arrays of features for their instruments.

My interpretations went smoothly, except for the typical presentation where the speaker tries to cram one an a half hours of info into 45 minutes. They should know better... Yet, I did feel for the Russian interpreter in the booth next to mine, as it was her first time there and was a bit at a loss for breath in more than one occasion.

It was great to be there once again!

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